Hi, I’m Anaelle! 

I’m an artistic director and marketing project manager.

Throughout my career, I have collaborated in the business development, event logistics and business marketing of various industries. Curious and creative, I have mastered my art through research and experimentation.

Over the years, I have honed my ability to interpret my client’s vision and needs. It allows me to help them orient and fulfill their projects with a keen sense of the target audience.

I find great pleasure in contributing to businesses mission statements and see it shine through their projects!

« Creativity is intelligence having fun. »

Albert Einstein


Strong in ideation, positioning and coordination, I can take charge of all aspects of projects to carry on your initiatives to success.

My services take account of your company wide strategy and can be put to good use in most aspects of corporate marketing and development.

  • Branding

    From strategy to artistic direction, I take great care to ensure your brand image represents your efforts and catches the attention of your target audience.

  • Website

    I enjoy deliberating a website’s strategy, defining its structure so that it is well planned, ages will and remains easy to use for its audience.

  • Photo & video

    I love to consolidate and transmit the values and culture of a business through its photo and video media. I contribute to define the ambiance, strategy, scenario and offer artistic direction surrounded by collaborators that excel in their discipline.

  • Social Media

    With a solid knowledge of social media, I offer online community management, content creation, visual experience creation and setting the tone of a business page.

  • Business development

    I find great pleasure collaborating with managing boards to offer my marketing experience in refining the corporate strategy where needed and define a clear and effective business plan.

  • Events

    I take care of all logistical and artistic aspect of the events I coordinate, including team and schedule management.

« Ideas are the roots to creation. »

Ernest Dimnet


« What is done in love is done well. »

Vincent Van Gogh


« Every adventure requires a first step. »

Cheschire Care


It will be a pleasure for me to learn about your project! Get in touch with me for a customized service offer.

Tél : 581.996.3549
Email : anaelle@imanaelle.com